The Opportunity of A Lifetime

There is always a point in an individual’s life where the inherent need for more must be fulfilled, and the Azubi AWS Re/Start program was the perfect opportunity for each of us to achieve the “more” we had been searching for. 

— AZUBI AWS re/Start Graduating Class 2021


Before the program, many of us had felt the need for something more fulfilling. Right before us was an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills for our professional and personal improvement free of charge, and all we had to do was join. We acquired relevant skills for the industry such as Programming, Databases, Networking, Linux, Cloud Foundations, and soft skills such as Resume Writing, Communication, etc.

On the 19th of October 2020, we began the Azubi AWS Re/Start program. That afternoon we had the “Kick-Off”, the atmosphere, although virtual, was charged with nervous excitement. The Kick-Off represented the beginning of our pursuit of successful careers.

In a nutshell, the three-month Azubi AWS re/Start program was indeed beyond our expectations. Throughout the process was a seamless remote learning journey, where we studied, practised, shared knowledge, and networked with seasoned trainers, mentors, and a vibrant learner community.

On our individual experiences, here are some testimonials:

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