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Culminating Project: AWS re/Start

DID YOU KNOW? Amazon Web Services (AWS)​ is a secure cloud services provider which offers reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. ​


This blog covers a solution to a problem presented to some of Azubi Africa’s AWS re/Start trainees as part of a cloud computing project, in the February 2021 to May 2021 batch.

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  • Pay only for what you use.​

“No matter your location, size and industry the cloud frees you from managing your infrastructure and data centers thus you can focus on what matters most to your business.”

The Problem

“A solutions architect wants to automate the deployment of the AWS infrastructure hosting his application. He also wants to have consistent repeatable deployments of the infrastructure in the future. His application is to be hosted on an EC2 instance. He wants to use CloudFormation to go about his deployments.”

You are required to come up with a solution as to how he will go about this.​

The Solution

Services Used:

  1. EC2​
  2. Cloud Formation​
  3. Code Commit​
  4. Code Pipeline​
  5. Auto scaling​



-Repositories — GitHub, Bitbucket and Code Pipeline​

Why? — more secure, managed by AWS thus simple usage, cross-account access.​

-Continuous Delivery Service — Jenkins, Code Commit. ​

Why? — easy integration with Code Pipeline.​

Why Automate?

  • Setting up an entire infrastructure using code is easier and portable.​
  • Automating this helps the architect make changes and have it reflected by push of a button.​
  • It is a thirds quicker to use the above automation solution than using the management console to make changes to your infrastructure thus saves time.​

Challenges Encountered:

There is no Code Commit role in the IAM section thus we had to create an EC2 role and then started to change the policies to match those of Code Commit so that the entire solution works seamlessly. ​

Thank you for viewing our solution! 🙂

Group three members:

-Henrietta Maame Abena Gyamfua Ampofo ,
-Akosua Nsowah Cobbina,
-Flonny Mwai-Alice Saiwa,
-Williams Baah,
-Willie Brian Kasakula

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